(Relationships of) Resemblance & Rejection

Over the course of my first year in a new city, I’ve become acutely aware and increasingly intrigued by the relationship between humans and their physical and social landscape. I’ve witnessed (and experienced) the reality of being placed within a forest of new ground, grappling with the common yet inevitable task of choosing one or both of two paths: to follow the collective or contradict the expected. While simultaneously navigating the notion that we are all influenced by our surroundings, (Relationships of) Resemblance & Rejection) emerged as a visual investigation of this internal experience and my external findings.

This series of environmental portraits explores how the human body can both mimic and contrast it’s physical surroundings through sculptural body language, form, and colour; as a metaphor for how we all may conceal or differentiate ourselves in new worlds. Further, these works aim to deconstruct the binary between portrait and landscape photography.

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