is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, digital content creator & photographer from California.

Her work has been published in print and online, and exhibited around the world. Her passion lies in capturing the beauty and complexity of connection through the lens of her camera. 

Featured in: MOMA PS1, TAG Gallery, Color Space Labs, Location 215, Greenline Café, Dwell Magazine, Spaces Magazine, Trendland Magazine, Feature Shoot, SMBH Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, The Walk Fashion Magazine, Palgrave Macmillan, OGO New York, Eve's Disclosure, Patos Shoes, Adina's Jewels, Sala Vintage Oaxaca, Selina Hotels, Movado, Plural, Industrial Color, LB Studios

Available for travel, commercial & editorial assignment and for individual, couple & family portrait sessions in NYC. Fine art prints are available for purchase.

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2019   BA in Fine Arts & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania
           UScholars Grant for Photo-Ethnographic Research, Philadelphia
2017   Burren College Artist Residency, Ireland
           Fish Factory Artist Residency, Iceland
           Haihatus Artist Resdiency, Finland
           Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad, Cuba
2015   National Young Arts Foundation Winner in Photography 

Artist CV Here.