BELLE CARLSON                                    


2019  BA in Fine-Arts & Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA   

2001-2013 YoungArtist Workspace, Berkeley, CA

2010-2012 The Oxbow School, Napa, CA

2014  Young Artist Residency, Lesley College, Boston, MA


2019 Before We Go, Group Exhibition, Philadelphia PA

2018 Color Vision, Group Exhibition, Color Space Labs, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Havana, Group Exhibition, Dean's Alley, Philadelphia, PA

2017 International Summer Exhibition,Haihatus Gallery, Joutsa, Finland

2017  Youth Series, Solo Exhibition, Greenline Café, Philadelphia, PA

2017  Cuba, Group Exhibition, Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2016 Connect, National Photography Contest & Group Exhibition, Woody Gaddis Photo Arts Gallery

2016 (Relationships of) Resemblance &Rejection, Solo Exhibition, Philomathean Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2015 Uncover: Fall Group Show, Fox Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2015 T.A. Gallery, NY, NY

2015 MOMA PS1, NY, NY

2014 The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Public Library, NY, NY

2013 Berkeley High School Art Murmur, Berkeley, CA

2013 Young Artist Work Space Art Up Show, Local 123 Café, Berkeley, CA

2013 Art In Action, YMCA Teen Centre, Berkeley, CA

2013 The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Public Library, NY, NY

2012  Young Artist Workspace Berkeley Group Teen Show, Local 123 Café, Berkeley, CA

2012  The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn Public Library, NY, NY

2009 Young Artists Portraits, Cheeseboard Pizza, Berkeley, CA


2017  Silverstein Photography Studio Abroad: Havana, Cuba

2017 U-ScholarsGrant (for Independent Photo-Ethnographic Research)

2017  OhSnap! Photo Contest Winner

2015 National YoungArts Foundation Winner in Photography

2015  BHS Best Photographer Winner


The Walk Magazine: The Shift Issue, Spring, 2018 (print) 

The Fish Factory Magazine, Autumn 2018 (print)

Impact Magazine: Reflections, Issue VIII, April, 2017 (print) 

F-Word Magazine, Spring, 2017 (print) 

The Walk Magazine: The Blue Issue, Spring, 2017 (print)

The Walk Magazine: The Unfinished Issue, Winter, 2016 (print)

Impact Magazine: Issue VII, September, 2016 (print)

Feature Shoot Group Show: “The Art of Food”, July, 2016 (online)

Stylus Medical Journal: Issue V, Spring, 2016 (print)

Inklette Magazine: Issue II, April, 2016 (online)

Textploit Magazine “Into the Rabbit Hole” Cover photo, March, 2016 (online)

Penn Review Literary Magazine Issue 48.1, January, 2016 (print)

Tigress Magazine Artist Feature and Interview, December, 2015 (online)

Thistle Magazine: The Mystery Issue, Winter, 2015 (print)

The Adroit Journal:Issue 13, Fall, 2015 (online)

LenScratch Group Exhibition: “Masks,” October, 2015 (online)

F-Stop Magazine Issue #73: “Where I Live” October, 2015 (online)

LenScratch Summer Exhibition: “Backyards, BBQ’s and Watermelon,” July, 2015 (online)

Feature Shoot Group Show: “64 Photos of Unforgettable Summer Vacations," July, 2015 (online)

Parallel Ink Issue #5, April, 2015 (online)

SMBH Magazine Online Exhibition: Lost Love, February, 2015 (online)

“Queer Youth and Media Cultures: Critical Essays” edited by Christopher Pullen (Book cover)

October 2014, Palgrave Macmillan (print)

F-Stop Magazine Issue #67: “Happy Accidents” October, 2014 (online)

The Best of Flickr feature, September, 2014 (online)

 Phlearn: “Weekend Inspiration CXIII” September, 2014 (online)

“Nude Beach,” The Gulls (Album Cover) Released June, 2014

Brick Rhetoric {Literary & Visual Arts Journal} Issue 15, June,2014 (print)

Paragraph iPad Magazine: Issue 55, January, 2014

Golden Age Magazine, 6 page feature, November/December, 2013 (print)

Lost Freedom Magazine: The Freedom Issue, Vol. 2 Issue 2, September, 2013 (print)

F-Stop Magazine Issue #58: “Open Theme” April/May, 2013 (online)

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